Featured Musician: Brendan Hanks

Iowa City, Iowa native, Brendan Hanks (formerly known as Ex-Action Model), has been creating electronic music for over a decade. Often working at the intersection of dance music and ambience, he crafts sharp melodies and ocherous textures set against brittle beats. Hanks released his first album under the Ex-Action Model moniker, Dropland, in the fall of 2011 on Mission Freak! Records. Whereas Dropland was steeped in the frenetic textures and arrangements of IDM1, Hanks’ newer music finds him working through the framework of techno as a different path to the point where internal and external experiences meet.

“Boneclock” was written during a frigid winter, and centers around a gliding arpeggiated phrase backed up by insistent drums. Like a winter landscape, the surface changes over time but the core remains unyielding. The title of the piece is a borrowed phrase from David Mitchell’s latest novel, The Bone Clocks.

We are proud to debut this Serpentine Magazine exclusive track:


Title image by Flickr user Pleuntje.
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