Featured Musician: Kekeli Sumah

Imagine a room: dark and cool. There is a single, slowly flashing bulb illuminating the space. While you can’t be completely sure, you believe the room is full of people, all gently dancing to the steady beats radiating from the DJ’s booth. Maybe it’s the end or maybe it’s the beginning. Who knows? Either way, things are moving.

Kekeli Sumah‘s work is like himself: cool and driven. Part visual, part performance; pure music: his work transcends most constraints yet it remains tirelessly focused.

I constructed this mix with three challenges in mind: work within a broad range of rhythms, maintain attentive material for half an hour, and use a consistent sound palette. In thinking about rhythm(s) in the mix, I wanted to travel through a sonic spectrum where rigid techno breaks down into jazz, before dissolving into beat-less ambient music only to then reconstruct itself as sporadic bleeps and shifting noise. The intent was to feed both mind and body. Time-wise, I wanted to keep the mix short—making the most of every minute by evaluating what sounds were necessary for the resultant composition. Finally, I wanted to create a body of work whose diversity of authorship did not disturb sonic cohesion—all sounds should come from the same cloud.

The resultant mix is dark, moody, even soulful at times…yet the overall thrust is one of dystopia. This is not your typical summer vibes joint but I hope you appreciate it nonetheless.

We are proud to debut this SERP-exclusive mix from Kekeli Sumah. We give you “The Serpentine Mix”:

1. Flying Lotus  –  Intro // A Cosmic Drama  –  Cosmogramma (2010)
2. Oneohtrix Point Never  –  He She  –  R Plus Seven (2013)
3. Ryoji Ikeda  –  Data.Flex  –  Dataplex (2005)
4. Sampha  –  Without  –  Dual EP (2013)
5. Actress  –  IWAAD  –  R.I.P (2012)
6. Cut Hands  –  Impassion  –  Afro Noise I (2011)
7. Basic Channel  –  Mutism  –  BCD (2004)
8. Ryoji Ikeda  –  Matrix 1.9  –  Matrix (2000)
9. Cut Hands  –  Backlash  –  Afro Noise I (2011)
10. Tim Hecker  –  Radiance  –  Virgins (2013)
11. Sun Ra  –  New Day  –  The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra (1961)
12. Boards of Canada  –  Sundown  –  Tomorrow’s Harvest (2013)
13. Oneohtrix Point Never  –  Cryo  –  R Plus Seven (2013)
14. Boards of Canada  –  White Cyclosa  –  Tomorrow’s Harvest (2013)
15. Flying Lotus  –  Drips // Auntie’s Harp  –  Cosmogramma (2010)
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