Featured Musician: Cuticle

Cuticle is the call-sign of Iowa City musician Brendan O’Keefe, who has just finished a new album, Mind Holding Pattern, for LA’s Not Not Fun records. A provocateur of wet electronic music, Cuticle’s sound has always been a queasy take on dance music for the introverted–vocal poems whispered through air ducts on landscapes of rigidly patterned techno that melt into complete, genreless exploration for the mind. O’Keefe seeks inspiration from music that breaks the common 4/4 signature, implementing an electronic palette and intense noise techniques to spawn what he calls “blown parameters dance music.” In a review of Mind Holding Pattern, Iowa City’s Little Village says, “Every groove fades into shimmering cascades of echoing notes that fall out of time. When the beat sneaks back in later, it reels the music back down to earth.”

Serpentine Magazine is proud to debut this exclusive track, “Noetic Droplet”, from Cuticle:


Title image by Flickr user Pleuntje.
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